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Newsletter 2016

It has been two years since The Peninsula All-Suite Hotel officially joined the Dream Hotels & Resorts fold and the ethos of a business operating like a family that gets other families travelling continues to infuse ‘Peninsula life’.The Dream Hotels and Resort’s brand has been developed alongside that of The Peninsula where in its early days of marketing, two beach chairs with an umbrella were used to promote the hotel. Dream Hotels and Resorts’ deckchair logo has now been used to convey the sense of comfort and relaxation offered at all its properties. Each individual property within the brand will maintain its own unique identity as a member of this new family.

The Peninsula All-Suite Hotel is a proud member of the Dream Hotels & Resorts portfolio and the Peninsula people dedicate themselves entirely to the pursuit of ensuring that each and every Peninsula guest feels that they have come home. For reservations at The Peninsula All Suite Hotel, please direct your enquiries to or call 27 (0) 21 430 7777 where one of our team will assist you with your enquiry.

Update from GM
As 2016 draws to a close we look back on what has been an extremely exciting year,…continue reading our Peninsula 2016 Newsletter

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